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Cocktail Evening

Cocktail Evening


Chabad invites you to join us for
Cocktail Evening
with the graduating class of 2017


WHAT: Class of 2017 farewell event; As we bid farewell to the class of 2017, who we've spent such special time with over the years.

WHEN: Thursday, May 11 at 6:00PM

WHERE: At the home of Rabbi & Goldie (right off campus)

WHO: The graduating class of 2017, 
greetings from the graduating class of the Chabad family

ChabadTalks: We will be featuring several students who will share their experiences at Illinois and at Illini Chabad
over the past years.

Personalized gifts for every graduate

Please RSVP so we can plan the event accordingly:

Host Committee
Shelby Ianniello * Danielle Moyer * Jordan Coe * Rami Ellian * Jordan Kaufman * Andrew Rudulph * Elan Veolchenko * Jamie Cohen * Jordan Kaufman * Nick Behm * Jeremy Kleinstien * Benjy Noy * Joey Marks * Rebecca Moll * Sarah Mnushkin * David Kahzanovich 

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First Name Last Name Address
City, State, Zip Cell
Any reflections you would like to share about your time here?